Can you name a productivity tool that was used two years ago but now it’s nowhere to be found? I certainly can…

The technology is rapidly changing and something that was considered revolutionary couple of years ago can now be completely out of the limelight. This refers to products in both our offices and homes. When taking our work into consideration, the biggest difference is in the way we interact with our colleagues.

The usage of internet and its technology have brought us many different tools for better and faster collaboration. From project management software, results and people tracking apps, up to the document manipulation tools — everything became much quicker and smoother. With just a few clicks, you can now send and receive digital files across all of your devices. A big percentage of those files are textual documents.

These work related text documents usually come in PDF — a portable document format for all platforms and devices. The fact that it’s a universal format makes it the most popular type for business use in all industries. Students use PDFs to share their notes, bankers to store bank statements and bloggers to save their unique content. However, the PDF is not all about storing. On a lot of occasions, it needs to be edited as well.

There are various reasons why one might need to edit PDF, but most importantly it is to repurpose the information inside it. Here is where you’ll need a small help from a third party software tool. Luckily, Able2Extract is one of them. The latest version, version 11, has 4 main features that allow you to do just about anything with your PDFs. Let’s explore them in more detail.


Create secure, password protected PDFs in two clicks

This tool hase the option to create a PDF content. By clicking on the “Create” button and selecting a document you’d like to print to PDF, the software will automatically create a PDF document, based on your pre-set creation settings.You can create a PDF file from any supported format, within the tool or even from your desktop. Additionally, you can apply compression and password protection to each and every document you print to PDF.


Use Automatic or Custom Conversion to Send PDF to 10 Other Formats

Besides creation, all-in-one PDF solutions can also convert your files into a variety of supported formats. With this tool, you can convert up to 10 different file formats (MS Office, AutoCAD, CSV, HTML and more). And that’s including the scanned files, as the software has an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine. For Excel and CSV conversions, you can check out the Custom conversion feature, which lets you visually control the conversion output, which is something you would use on public data files in PDF, before exporting them to your visualization software.


Directly Type on a PDF, Split and Merge Entire Documents

With an integrated PDF text editor all changes you make to your document are instantly visible. From the editing panel, you can add and remove text and images, as well as rotate, move and resize pages.

There is a possibility to extract (split) an individual page or even to combine several different pages into one document (merge). It also has?a reduction option that can help you protect any sensitive content by blacking out words and sentences.


Use Annotations to Collaborate on a Whole New Level

PDF annotations are also popular features which can help with document collaboration within a particular company. With this option, you can add a variety of “flags” right on top of your PDF, which signals your colleagues what to pay attention to. The most used ones are sticky notes, comments, text highlights, stamps, watermarks, and hyperlinks.

These are just 4 problems that you can solve with this PDF management program. Needless to say, there are far more options with this premium tool, however, some of those you should discover yourself.

We all know how PDF can be hard to deal with, especially when you’re short on time. So the biggest upside to using tools like this one is to save time on things that can be easily automated. Thumbs up to productivity!


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