Please read on before you proceed your order with us


By placing an order with Jumix, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below.


Charges and Fees

  1. Our payment terms are as below unless there’s a separate agreement upfront:
    1. 100% Full Payment Upfront if Invoice amount is below RM10,000 / USD$2,500.
    2. 60% Deposit Payment, and 40% Balance Payment payable upon mock-up confirmation for Invoice amount above RM10,000 / USD$2,500.
    3. 40% Balance must be settled before Website Development, or by the 60th Day after the invoice has been issued.
    4. If there is a separate agreement or quotation raised, that agreement or quotation will supersede the payment terms stated in this page.
  2. Deposit is not refundable should you decide to forfeit the project half way.
  3. Any outstanding balance is due once the work is completed by us. The balance should be cleared within the duration of 14 days once due.
  4. If the payment is not cleared within 14 days after project completion, Jumix shall be entitled to cease all further work or put your account on hold until payment is made, whichever applicable.
  5. Jumix shall not be liable for any delay and/or failure in providing quoted services as a result of non-payment of the invoice.
  6. Any extra feature requests that are not quoted in the quotation will be charged at extra and payable before we add in the extra feature requested.


Design Changes and Alterations

1. We will only accept the request of design changes and alterations that are deemed “reasonable” by us. Once design work is completed, any outstanding balance should be settled first before submitting any changes request except in the case of design mismatch or mistakes from us.

2. We only allow 1 time of change per section or content. Any additional changes are chargeable at an extra cost.

3. Any changes or alterations should be requested within the duration of 2 weeks. We reserve the right to reject any work request after the 2 weeks period.

4. Once design template/mock-up/layout is confirmed, there will be no more changes once the work has started.


Scope of Work

1. The services we provide cover the areas of web design, web development and internet marketing. If you sign-up for only web design service, then our scope of work is only limited to web design.

2. We will not provide any works outside of web design or internet marketing, for example like creating email, setting up email clients, website backup and so on.

3. Anything we do for you that is not mentioned in our quotation is considered as a bonus and not compulsory, extra customizations and service should be charged at additional service fees.

4. We do not provide proofreading service. We will copy the exact writing you give to us and place it on the website. Should you require any proofreading service, it should be mentioned before sign-up and this is an extra chargeable service.

5. For all Web Design Plan, if you have a page that showcase your products or a photo gallery, we’ll only help you to upload a maximum of 10 products / photos. Should you have more than 10, you need to communicate with us upfront to get a special quote. If you are adding them later, it will be an additional cost to you.

6. For e-commerce solution, we will create up to 10 categories and upload up to 10 products for you as an example for you to follow. You will need to create and upload the rest of your categories and products on your own. Should you require our assistance on top of the 10 categories and 10 products, we will charge RM20/category and RM80/product. We will NOT design information pages, edit products photos, edit logo or edit the images you want to use.

While we provide free support for clients who renew yearly with us, some works are paid customizations and not cover in free support.

To understand the differences between support and customization, kindly have a read on this page – Understanding The Differences Between Support and Customization.


Search Engine Optimization

1. We do not provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service. If you require such services, you can contact us and we’ll refer you to one of our trusted partners in this field.

2. We do not guarantee that your website will rank in any search engine. We are not responsible if your website does not appear in search engine.

3. Where there’s a mention of “SEO Friendly”, it simply means that most (not all) of your website URL will be canonical links and not dynamic. This doesn’t include rewriting your content, writing extra content and any other external SEO activities.


Project Delays and Client Liability

1. We will use all reasonable endeavors to adhere to any dates proposed by either Jumix or you for the provision of Service; however, any such date is to be treated as an estimate only and we will accept no liability for failure to meet such dates.

2. Once we have completed the work, you will be notified to review it. You must get back to us in writing of any unsatisfactory points within 7 days of such notification. Once approved, or deemed approved, work cannot be rejected subsequently and the contract will be deemed to have been completed and the any outstanding balance of the project price will become due in 14 days.

3. Should you need to delay the project development, you are obliged to settle any outstanding balance in the end of second month and we will continue on the project once you get back to us.

4. We deserve the right to shut down your website, or stop providing you with marketing service for any failure in payment after an invoice is overdue for 14 days.

5. If your website is suspended for more than 30 days, we’ll collect a late payment with interest of 1% per month on the outstanding balance.

6. You must reactivate a suspended website within 30 days. If it’s more than 30 days, you will need to pay both outstanding balance together with the late payment interest to get your website reactivate again.


Supply of Materials

1. You must supply to us all the relevant information and materials required by us to complete the project in accordance with any agreed specification. Such materials may include, but are not limited to, photographs, logos, written copy and other related material.

2. If there’s any delay in supplying these materials to us which leads to a delay in the completion of work, we have the right to extend any previously agreed deadlines.

3. Any outstanding balance is due on the end of second month, even in the event of delay in supplying required materials.

4. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement issue if you illegally misused, steal or copy any pictures, photos or content and give it to us. All content you provide should be 100% original and you are committed to the responsibility of those.


After Sales Support

1. Support are provided via our support portal and support email only, unless a separate agreement is contracted upfront.

2. Every support ticket submission will be assigned to an agent based on a priority level to make sure that all our clients’ request are met and that issues are resolved in the most efficient manner for everyone.

3. Here is a rundown on the three priority levels that we use, and how our team assigns a priority to each support ticket. 

Ticket priorityRespond withinHow do we classify our priorities?
“High”2 business hoursWebsite down, payment gateway issue, inaccessible or any other urgent issues.
“Medium”24 business hoursRequest to move, add, delete, replace content or any other issue that doesn’t necessarily disrupt the user’s work or business operation.
“Low”48 business hoursWhen the answers of the problem can be found on support portal.

4. Our free support excludes the following areas:

  • Server down
  • Website loading slow
  • Email not functioning
  • Website can not be accessed
  • Website does not rank in search engine etc.
  • Website is not viewable in only a few devices or web browsers
  • Customization feature
  • New content design
  • New content layout
  • Template, design or content managing on new pages
  • HTML & CSS styling are also not supported

5. Content Management System support means that we will fix existing features that malfunction and not any user generated error or fault caused by users. By choosing not to engage with our service and editing the content by your own, you are assumed to have the proper HTML and CSS knowledge to do so. Thus, once you have edited the HTML or CSS of the website by your own, we will no longer provide support. Please backup before you proceed.

6. We only provide support from Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM GMT+8 with a 1-hour lunch break in between. All support issues should be communicated strictly via email or at our support portal only. We do not provide support through WhatsApp, WeChat, Line or any other communication platforms.

7. If extra training is required due to staff change, staff resigned etc., we will only provide training at extra cost upon request.

8. The support and service warranty is a one-time, one owner license, which means we will only provide support to the owner (which is you). If you sell, transfer or change the ownership or hosting provider of your website to a new party, the support from us should cease and warranty is void immediately. Your new website owner should be bound by the extra cost in order to get support from us again.

9. Respect is mutual and support will be provided as long as you renew your subscription with us and pay respect to our work and employees. We deserve the right to stop any form of communication or support if you use rude words in your communication, spamming calls, sms or emails, making excessive demands or conduct any disrespectful actions or conversation to any of our employees. Your subscription to our service will then be terminated and we will not be obliged to serve you or your website.

10. We would only communicate with 1 person in charge for 1 project. Our team should be not involved in any of your team or group chat, such as but not limited to WhatsApp Group, WeChat Group or Facebook Group. Your team should have internally aligned your requirements, then convey the message via 1 single person to communicate with our team.


Browsers Compatibility

1. As designing websites to work for all browsers and versions will be a tedious work and require much extra time, we only warrant the website that we design for you will work in latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox only.

2. Internet Explorer, Safari and any other browsers compatibility is not guaranteed as they usually do not work well with most codes.

3. When we mention “Mobile Friendly”, “Mobile View Ready” or “Responsive Design”, we do not promise that the website will display and compatible with all mobile browsers as there’s simply too many different types of mobile phones and mobile web browsers. Different mobile browsers may react differently in displaying font, layout, pictures, effects or function upon clicks. We will not be able to support every single phone out there.

4. Mobile View Ready does not guarantee the mobile site will have the full functionality of the desktop site. We will not do any extra design or feature changes on the mobile version of your website for all responsive and non-responsive design project.


Subcontracting and Outsourcing

1. We reserve the right to outsource any services as we see fit.



1. You are responsible for complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations relating to e-commerce. All payments, customers information, products and services should be your full responsibility once we have transfer the website ownership to you (once we have given you the login to your Admin Panel).

2. Any problems and frauds regarding payments should be dealt between you and the specific payment gateway providers.

3. We do not provide our e-commerce service to businesses which engage in illegal products, drugs, gambling or obscene materials. We do not take any responsibility shall you engage in these activities in the future.

4. To know more about our e-commerce service, kindly refer to our FAQ page.

5. To learn how to use and operate our e-commerce platform, please refer to our knowledgebase.


Web Hosting and Domain Name

1. Any issues related to web hosting and domain name should be communicated directly with hosting and domain provider.

2. Jumix, as a reseller of hosting plans and domain name is not responsible for any support issue regarding your hosting and domain, despite you have sign-up through us or not.

3. The domain name that comes with our web design plan for is limited to top level domain only (.com, .net, .org, and .biz), country level domain name like .com.my and .my is chargeable at extra due to the cost of the domain.


Server Hosting Policy and Fair Use

1. Jumix, at best effort will try to ensure that all hosted web sites have an average yearly uptime of 99% or higher. Please note that this does not include scheduled maintenance and unpreventable downtime, such as natural disasters and manifestations.

2. Jumix will use all reasonable endeavours to provide reliable Service; however, it is not practicable to provide Service free of faults and we do not undertake to do so. In the event of a fault in Service, you must report the fault by telephone or electronic mail to Jumix’s Technical Support at the appropriate numbers or addresses or other such numbers or addresses that Jumix may from time to time provide. Upon receipt of the fault report, Jumix will take all proper steps without undue delay to correct the fault. Jumix shall not, in any event, be liable for interruptions of Service or downtime of a Server.

3. Sending mass emails (more than 150 email addresses per hour) on your account may cause your emails to be lost or sent unsuccessfully because of the shared usage of email resources. For mass sending of emails, please contact our sales team to upgrade to a Cloud Server or Dedicated Servers.

4. Jumix does not set arbitrary limits on the exact amount of resources a client can use. In good faith and subject to these Terms, Jumix makes every commercially-reasonable effort to provide its clients with the resources needed to power their web sites successfully, as long as the client’s usage complies with these Terms. By not setting arbitrary limits on resources, Jumix is able to provide simple, consistent pricing to clients for their websites.

5. What “unlimited” DOES NOT mean. In order to ensure a consistent and quality experience for all clients, Jumix has automated safeguards in place to protect against any one website from consuming too many resources, and adversely impacting the other clients until Jumix can evaluate said site’s resource needs. Jumix’s offering of “unlimited” services is not intended to allow the actions of a single or several clients to unfairly or adversely impact the service experienced by other clients.

6. Jumix’s web design and eCommerce service host multiple client websites in the same server, and allow them to share server resources. Jumix’s service is designed to meet the typical needs of individuals and small business website clients. It is NOT intended to support the sustained high demands of large enterprises, international businesses, or non-typical applications better suited to a dedicated server.

7. Jumix does not set arbitrary limits on the exact amount of traffic a website can receive or on the amount of content a client can upload to his/her/its website in a given month, as long as the client’s use of the Services complies with these Terms. In most cases, a client’s website will be able to support as much traffic as the client can legitimately acquire. However, Jumix reserves the right to limit processor time, bandwidth, processes, memory, or number of files, in cases where it is necessary to prevent other clients from being negatively affected.

8. To prevent excessive bandwidth usage in a shared environment, and to maintain the quality of data transfer rates for each shared hosting customer, certain heavy bandwidth-intensive sites are discouraged, such as, but not limited to, the following: file sharing (music, video, etc), game servers, etc. Bandwidth usage is checked daily, and successive abusers will be required to upgrade their plans, or failing that, may be subjected to immediate account suspension.

9. For users that require high data transfer rates, higher resources, and dedicated bandwidth, you should consider upgrading to a Cloud server account or Dedicated Server to ensure the best resources for your website.


Warranty and Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

1. When you access the website backend and create a mistake, caused by user which tamper with the functionality of the content management system, software or web apps, we are not responsible for the recovery.

2. Unless you have an prior pre-sales agreement with us to gain access to the website content management system, otherwise you would not be given access as Jumix’s team will be handling and managing your website. For eCommerce, you will gain access of the website once you have settled 100% payment. During the project period, which you might have only paid a deposit, we reserve the ownership of the design and development work and we can add/edit/remove any content or the entire website as we seem fit. Warranty is also void if you insist on getting the login before the full payment is settled.

3. By default, as Jumix services is served in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) basis, you’ll see the name and link to Jumix’s website address to the footer of your completed website. Removal of such copyright is strictly prohibited and if client is found using any exploit, hacking, injecting or modifying or removing our copyright statement without our permission or knowledge, support would be dropped off immediately and legal action would be taken. Support would not be provided thereafter even the link is place back afterwards.

4. As long as you have any outstanding fee on the website design project, the ownership and copyright of the website belongs to Jumix. Domain ownership will only be legally transferred when you have settle all your outstanding balance, such as web design service balance, domain fees, web hosting fees and any other related service fees. When the ownership is still belonging to Jumix, we have the power to add, edit and remove any content and the design as we seem fit.

5. The website’s content management system, eCommerce platform, any Facebook analytical, management tool, SEO and Google Ads related tools are of the ownership of Jumix and is not transferable by any means.

6. You as the client of Jumix, only own the full ownership of your domain name. The website platform and its related tools, add-ons, plugins and software are belonging to Jumix.

7. Upon cancellation of service and only if you’re on our Jumix eCommerce platform, you are allowed to export the database of your websites, such as order history and your customers list. All coding and platform related features are the intellectual property of Jumix. HTML and CSS files are also not included in the export.

8. For marketing management service, we’ll transfer the ownership of the Facebook Page back to you when our service is fully rendered. We remain the ownership of the Facebook Ad account created from our Business Manager, and has no responsibility to provide access, share or transfer any data from the Ad account to anyone.

9. We will not provide editable file or native file (i.e. Ai.) to client for every completed artwork.


Refund Policy

1. We do not provide any kind of refund once you’ve made payment to us.

2. Refund request will not be entertained for the following reasons, include but not limit to change of mind, financial issue, personal issue, regret, wrong purchase, unsatisfactory of service without solid reason (as mention below).

3. Under some circumstances, we’ll provide refund. We’ll provide refund when we fail to initiate the project, or fail to deliver the project as per stated in invoice. If we fail to deliver the project with special requests / features which added in after the initial discussion and quote, it is not considered as a “fail to deliver”.

4. For Marketing service, if you are running prohibited, restricted, misleading or any ads that are against Facebook ads policy and your account get flagged or disabled under any circumstances, we’ll only refund you the Ads Spend balance and not any amount from the management fee you’ve paid. If you are found running prohibited ads which result in our Facebook ad account getting flagged, we’ll charge you a one-time fee of RM5,000 for our loss of Ad account.

5. For contracted service like Facebook marketing and Google AdWords management service, if you would like to terminate or end the contract before the end date, we will not refund any management fee under any circumstances. We will only refund the prepaid Ads Spending budget (if paid it to us).


Extended Warranty / Support

All plans with a standard yearly renewal fee will receive free support via email and through our support portal.

In the case where you have opted out from our yearly recurring fee (available for Custom Website Development only), you will be given 1-2 months (based on quotation) free priority support. Once this free support period is over, support will no longer be provided for free.

You can then top up for extended warranty or support period, kindly refer more details at this page.



1. All business conducted by our clients are of their own assets, liabilities and rights. We are not in any way involve in the business of our clients. Should any illegal activities or business is found within the website of our clients, Jumix is not liable or will not be responsible to bear the punishment or any cost incur. We will take the appropriate action to add, edit or remove the content of our clients’ website should we have receive the warrant or court order to carry out such activity.

2. As all the logins and website ownership is transferred to our client wholly after work is completed, we do not have any ownership or stake in the website. Any complaints or authority body should take action directly against the business itself and not Jumix.

3. When you engage with our web design service, you should ensure your business’ products and services are completely legal and should obey all the related laws in your country.

4. You agreed to allow Jumix to use your profile, business, websites and case studies as the portfolio and marketing materials for Jumix. This can be, but not limited to landing pages, graphics, banners, printed materials, presentation, events and videos.


Last Updated: 17 October 2022

We reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions above without any prior notification.