Jumix Design is a web design and internet marketing firm founded on the principal of providing the best solution to every online business. We offer a variety of services ranging from Web design, Facebook marketing service, Google AdWords service, Email marketing service, SEO consultation, E-commerce online store development, Payment gateway integration, website security and speed boostphotography and photo editing as well as web hosting and domain name registration. In Jumix Design, we are focusing on delivering maximum satisfaction to our customers based on their requirements. We strive to provide the optimum solution for all our customers according to their needs. We believe that a design that really works do not require a huge sum of money, hence most of our services are affordable no matter you are running a small business or a giant enterprise.



The founder and managing director of Jumix Design, Teoh, was a freelance designer and digital marketer since 2008. Through years of experience, we are able to determine what kind of design and marketing works, and what don’t.

Teoh has decided to establish Jumix Design in 2013 due to the rising of client base and demand. Since established, Jumix Design has worked with several companies like Cap Tupai, Jefferson, Chan Ban Eng & Co. and many more.

Although you can design an outstanding and bombastic website, it may not suit your customers’ business theme and it is not what the users want to see. It’s all about providing the right thing through the right way, at the right time.


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