List of our outstanding services that will definitely help your business grow


Planning to bring your business online but do not know where to start? Don’t worry, Jumix is here to help you! We provide custom template web design service for all types of business, which allows you to get your website done as fast as possible. Select a theme and get things going, or let us choose the best one for you!


eCommerce is definitely the new trend setter in the world of business. By using our eCommerce online store platform, you can sell your products online through the website itself. Upload unlimited products, create unlimited categories and have payment gateway integrated by us. Developing a eCommerce website is not easy, but with our help, your online business will be up in no time!


There are times when a simple information website is not enough for some businesses. You need features or additional interactions with your visitors, such as online ticket booking system for hotels and cinemas, membership database system to manage your members’ activities, reward points, redemption system and many more. When you need these kind of custom features, talk to us about it and we will figure out the best solution for you.


Want the maximum exposure? Running a branding campaign?
Google Display Network has the widest coverage, this will make sure your ad banners show up in relevant websites or high traffic websites for all your exposure needs!
Display Network includes YouTube, news site such as The Star, MalaysiaKini, Mudah.my and many more.


Facebook Ads might be easily accessible by everyone, but are you sure that your money is well-spent? With our help, we will lower down your Cost-per-Click as much as possible while skyrocketing your impressions and click-through-rate to achieve over the roof results with the budget you’d invest in. Write-up, CPC optimizations, banner design, we cover them all. You just have to wait for the traffic and sales to come in.


Without using SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) and Google AdWords, your website may not appear in search engine result at all when people search for keywords that are related to your website. Few weeks or months after our optimizations, you will realize your website ranking is boosted and receive higher amount of traffic than before. On top of optimizing your website (On-Page SEO), we will also bring quality links to your website (Off-Page SEO). Before you start, we can evaluate your website for FREE!


A good looking website that has huge amount of traffic doesn’t mean it is secured. With the increasing risk of website defacement and DDoS attacks, you should take extra precaution steps to tighten the security of your website. Our website security enhancement package include SSL Certificate installation, anti-virus and anti-malware, website firewall and page speed optimization.


Photo is the instrument that enhance the overall look and feel of your website. Besides, your product photos are the most important element in your eCommerce website. We provide studio photography service as well as photo editing service to enhance your photo quality.