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Metro Personal Consultants

Consulting Agency

Consulting Agency

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Client Introduction

About Metro Personal

Metro Personal is Australia’s professional Asian ladies introduction agency, since 1997, we have offices in major cities in Australia. They meet members face to face and know them very well individually, they provide effective support and guidance for their members.

Facts & Results

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Content Management

Producing quality content regularly often brings valuable audiences to your company. Metro Personal Consultants is looking for members to sign up for their professional consultant services. Hence, we curated a marketing content strategy focused on an organization telling brand stories that resonated with the audiences to be part of their members.

Content Creation

  • Ideation
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  • Content Direction
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  • Content Strategy
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  • Copywriting

Our copywriters, designers and content strategies work together to ensure to produce content that is useful, engaging, credible and original for Metrol Personal Consultants. We created a professional tonality content for Metrol Personal Consultants to portray they are a professional consultant agency, not love scammers.

Social Media Ads Management

  • Ads Copywriting
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  • Ads Creative

When it comes to paid media, it’s all about deploying business intelligence and impactful creative to reach the right audience at the right time.

Our copywriters, designers and data analysts work together to optimize how their marketing budget is spent.

Website Design

Website is like a customer service representative. A well-designed website will form a good impression on your prospective customers.

It can also help you nurture your leads and get more conversions.

We designed the website that allows Metrol Personal Consultants’s audience to feel more welcome and easy navigate, to sign up for their professional services.

Data Visualization and Reporting Framework

It’s critical to measure marketing performance because at the end of the day, the data will tell you how you should plan your next steps.

So, we did a monthly evaluation on the page we manage and included each ads’ performance to the report as well as the insights and trends we saw.

We make our work transparent, and keep our clients well informed of all the numbers and figures that they would like to know, even before they requested for it.

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