‘Planning for an international conference should begin at least 18 months before the event’

Meeting Tomorrow


Well, it only took us a breaking record of 60 days to plan this EPIC event!

What, what, what? How did we do it?

Here goes…

60 days before the Conference Day

On a regular Monday morning, we were contacted by Moonton, again. So what was the news?

To our surprise, we were given an opportunity to be part of their first ever Global Conference that held in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th of July 2019!

The previous event with Moonton “Mobile Legends 515” ended a short while ago and we were already on another campaign! Hooray!

BUT wait, what is this global conference all about? It’s named Moonton Epicon 2019, with a catchy tagline “The Future Begins”. This Moonton Epicon 2019 global conference was set to reveal some major news on the next Mobile Legends Franchise.

Our team was intrigued by the news and started brainstorming in which we came up with a timeline.

The Timeline


Stage 1: Team Task

Each and every one of us was assigned a task, to make sure everyone has a role to play. The design team, marketing team and merchandise team worked closely with each other most of the time. Wednesdays became our sync day or you could say- internal meeting, to keep everyone updated and make sure each and every one of us is on track.

Stage 2: Finding Inspiration

For a week, the design team was mulling over the campaign’s branding guide as the team was keen on creating a memorable brand engagement for Moonton.

From colour palettes to typography, each element has been thought carefully to bring a consistent, recognisable and clear sense of reliability of the brand’s campaign.

Stage 3: Designing the Masterpiece

With the branding guide on hand, we have a clearer idea on designing the most important and toughest part of this project, the Key Visual. The Key Visual requires a deep level of graphical work, expert level of Photoshop editing skills and numerous layers of elements. Apart from that, the Key Visual will have to be scalable, as it would be used to print large posters, display boards and posters with the size of 72 ft x 12 ft ( Almost the size of a super yacht! ) and down to a B5 size photo. Thus, there’s no shortcut in producing this outstanding looking Key Visual.

Behind the scene: Comparing the colours from different monitors to make sure it showed colours in the same way and as true to life as possible.

Behold The Masterpiece!

Throughout the preparation stage, we’ve made:

  • 3 variations of Key Visuals
  • 162 Digital Banners
  • 8 Merchandise Designs
  • 201 slides of PowerPoint Design.

Every single piece was designed deliberately, with the aim of enhancing brand recognition and the campaign itself. #noshortcut

Stage 4: Audience Experience

Besides creatives, Jumix team also managed the audience experience for Moonton Epicon 2019. From our previous encounter in MLBB 515 Event, we realised majority of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans loved the cosplayers. Hence, we brought them back to Moonton Epicon 2019!

This time, we wanted to spice things up so we invited a popular dance group to perform the MLBB 515 Theme Song at Moonton Epicon 2019.

Here’s a video of them performing the dance:


Stage 5: Drafting Media Invitation and Press Release

What’s a global conference without media attending and reporting the news?

Prior to the event, our writers were busy drafting invitation and Press Release for the pre-event and post-event.

2 weeks before the Conference Day


Stage 6: Accomplishing Tasks

Jumix team was bustling with tones of tasks.

√ Drafting invitation emails to send to handpicked VIP guests

√ Social media postings, posters localised into 9 different languages

√ Packing up the conference gift bags

√ Rehearsal with production team

√ Final check on conference slideshows

√ Rehearsal with performers

As hectic as it may sound, it was nonetheless super satisfying. As a team, we learned that working together is necessary to build confidence in each other’s distinct abilities and working efficiently kept us all motivated and energised throughout the entire time.

The Conference Day

The day has arrived! We started off by setting up the registration counters, getting ready with the name tags, conference gift bags, lucky draw tokens, guests list etc and putting everything we have prepared to make this global conference a successful one. Soon, the guests arrive, the VIPS, Gamers and Media. We were overwhelmed by the turn outs and was super excited to meet people from all over the world in different industries, uniting together by the game.

Event Results:

  • 128k Views on Facebook Live Stream
  • 125 Partners, 47 KOLs and 45 Players attended
  • 33 Media Published the news

The global conference went smooth, guests were enjoying themselves throughout the conference and everyone left the venue with a smiling face. We achieved our goals, and fulfilled our client’s objectives, that was what really mattered.

Jumix team was delighted to be a part of this epic campaign to strengthen the relationship between Moonton and the people who matter the most to them. It was a rather rare opportunity to capture the full attention of audience and learned how to flawlessly deliver conferences. It was an invaluable experience, to be able to meet high profile speakers, learn new ideas, getting useful market insights, be among the first to know Moonton’s upcoming products events.

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