Smart phones and other mobile electronic communication tools represent one of the most significant technological and indeed cultural revolution in history. They have changed the way we communicate with each other. They have changed how we socialize.

Do you know how big is the role of mobile devices in marketing today? Mobile usage is spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people and it is growing substantially. They have changed the way we live our daily lives, and they have fundamentally altered the growth of your brand.

However, having a smart mobile marketing strategy is an important part of building up your brand online. Utilizing your social networks to their fullest potential is likewise vital for perceivability.

Instagram has been growing steadily since it first launched in 2010. With more than 500 million active users, it is currently the second most popular social media network in the world, behind Facebook. Instagram standouts amongst the most popular networks today that can help building up a larger audience and following online, making it a must-engage device for brands.

Let’s look out for several marketing tips that will help to grow your brand and let your business stand out from the rest, shall we?

Choose the Right Username

Ensure that your brand’s name matches to other online properties as closely as possible. This will increase your chances of your brand being seen and eliminates any confusion for your audience. A professional headshot or marked logo is likewise fundamental for acknowledgment on social network.

Create Outstanding Visual Content 

There are thousands of images and videos being posted each second on Instagram, so it is important to create or design a unique photos and videos that emerge to your audience. Most of the company wants to post often enough that to make their brand stays relevant, but at the same time they will overwhelm their followers and end up unfollowing. However, you must be in your audience’s shoes to understand what people are generally looking for, there isn’t a magic on posting formula that will work for every brand. You’ll need to analyse the response of your audiences.

Create an Interactive Hashtag

Creating an interactive hashtag is a great way to have an instant engagement with your audience, just ensure that you are using hashtags in the correct way. For example, creating a hashtag that your company can search for to re-post the photos that your customers just purchased. It will cause more of your followers to use the hashtag and post images of them with your product because they will want to be featured on your page. Whenever someone posts using your hashtag means they are exposing their followers to your company and products and it will be a free invest in advertising for your brand.

Make Use of Free Instagram Tools

Instagram just started to take off business profiles, which reflects as Facebook’s business profiles, complete with a full ‘contact’ – call to action, enabling users to email, call or leave a message to the company. Among all the option, business profiles have the access to analytics which call it as Insights. Via Instagram’s insight page, businesses are provided with up to date impression and engagement of your Insta profile.


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Deanna Tham

Deanna Tham

A Digital Marketer fueled by passion, creativity and curiosity. A super keen learner who is always prepped on helping brands take their businesses to the next level. She's all about authenticity so she can be a rebel at times and wouldn't settle for a bad ad or a bad playlist.