It is very challenging to make a brand stands out. With so many options to choose from, it’s critical for any business to have a distinct brand identity and branding guide in order to build and maintain a devoted following. A good brand identity conveys who you are and why people should want to interact with you right away.

No matter what kind of niche market you’re in, creative branding matters. If you want your business to stand out from your competitors, you’ll need to devote some time and effort. Building a brand is also not as easy as you think, nor can it be done quickly and easily.

One strategy to build brand recognition is to provide value to your customers by forming meaningful connections through creative branding.

Check out these 70 creative brandings and identity design examples that we’ve put together for your inspiration.


Plant-based, creamy and malty milk. That's OATSIDE. - Kuali
Oatside uses vibrant artwork across the cartons and brand visuals, making an oat milk brand more humanized by thinking out of their style guidelines.


The Met, Burger King, and Chobani all have one designer in common
A Greek yoghurt brand with fun illustrations that play with the brand colors in creative ways.
Chobani Yogurt: 16 Facts You Don't Know About the Greek Yogurt Brand


Sonos | Sonos Rebrand | The One Club
Sonos uses colours inspired by the environment, communicating their audio-centric brand visually.
Sonos on Behance


15 Examples of Brands With a Bold and Beautiful Visual Identity
Buffy is a sleep brand offering “the world’s most comfortable comforter.” 
The brand boasts a rainbow of muted colors and illustrations that offer a playful vibe while keeping it calming and soothing.
Buffy, Identity System on Behance


Designer Reusable Coffee Cups Australia | Huskee
Well known for its reusable coffee cups from Australia, Huskee’s branding has created an innovative way that is revolutionizing the way take-away coffee and disposable cups work.
Huskee - Packaging & Branding Project | Smack Bang


Glossier: Online Beauty Brand Reaching Milestones Overnight | by Caroline  Henry | Medium
A beauty brand with an identity that is simple and clean.
Light colors and people-centric photography make it feel welcoming.
Brand Design To Deliver Distinctiveness - Free The Birds %


Period feminism: how a startup used lofty ideals to sell menstrual  underwear | Feminism | The Guardian
Thinx’s advertising and imagery are all euphemisms about what menstruation actually is. This brand breaks taboos and challenges norms around menstruation, which allows people to perceive this brand as honest and straightforward.
Thinx sold its period underwear as a feminist cause — now its customers are  questioning both - MarketWatch

Little Wolf Coffee Roaster

visual identity 21
Little Wolf features subtle yet adorable line-work illustrations of a wolf that help give the coffee character.  
It gives out the impression of being playful, cheerful, and distinctive in its mix of precise blue lines and irregular shading. 
New Branding & Packaging for Little Wolf by Perky Bros — BP&O


Oatly Makes Food Science Look Oh-So Delicious | Dieline - Design, Branding  & Packaging Inspiration
With Oatly’s hand-drawn typography, it looks and feels like a handmade product!
In terms of communication, Oatly is provocative and fun, with a smart sense of humor.
It's like milk but made for humans – how Oatly has… | Just Marketing


How the bed-in-a-box became 'game-changingly comfortable' | The Independent  | The Independent
Casper’s packaging design – “mattress in a box” provides convenience to consumers by picking their mattress online and having it easily delivered to their doorstep.

Tiffany & Co.

What Will LVMH's Tiffany Look Like? | BoF
The brand’s sophisticated, elegant, charming, and ageless attitude has made ladies all over the world yearn for that one little blue box. The brand is easily recognized by the special and unique color used.


Patagonia's Brand Purpose Marketing — The Sport Plug
Patagonia famously tells customers to think twice before buying. The brand’s socially and environmentally conscious practices have helped profits and consumers are increasingly drawn to quality over quantity.
Patagonia Business Strategy


Spotify Wrapped 2020: How to check your most played songs, share on  Instagram | Technology News,The Indian Express
“Spotify Wrapped” promotes the brand’s music streaming service. The campaign has developed a unique feature, allowing users to know the stats and encouraging them to share about it on social media.
Spotify Wrapped 2021 is out and here's how you can access yours | MusicTech


Moth Animates Time Square Trailer for 'Headspace Guide to Meditation' |  Animation World Network
A cheery color palette that brings joy. This delivers on the mission of their meditation app, which is less stressful and more joy. With inspirational quotes and charming illustrated characters, users have a cohesive experience with every piece of content.


International Women's Day Special: Jane Chuck Drops 'Self Love Honey Mask'  From Her Newly Launched Brand, Chuck's To Foster Self-Love And Women  Empowerment – Because Everyone Has A Story To Tell
The brand’s concept plays a lot in celebrating individuality.
They focus on products that say something and send a message, reminding everyone has their way of self-love.

Le Labo

Le Labo | Shopping in Fitzroy, Melbourne
Le Labo provides a one-of-a-kind custom fragrance. This is part of the Le Labo experience, as each fragrance is carefully crafted by hand, on demand.


Dylan Mulvaney: Netflix: Branding
Netflix’s intro sound “tu-dum” is pleasant and memorable. It has become iconic and allows the brand to stand out from the rest.
TV with Thinus: “Ta-Dum”: That Netflix-logo sound you hear is made with a  wedding ring – and almost had a goat bleating.


Ikea Brand Sale, 53% OFF |
Yellow and blue colors represent the IKEA brand. The IKEA logo is the symbol for instant recognition of the brand.
They also enhance the uniqueness and Swedish heritage in consumers.
That's how we say good-bye in Swedish! | Hej da with the cir… | Flickr


Do Your Logo and Visual Identity Send the Right Signals? - Mission Minded
Cool, fun, trendy and fresh. With aesthetic red and white visuals which the brand applies consistently, everyone can recognize its provenance and remember the brand. 

Oscar Health Insurance

How we redesigned the Oscar brand to speak to our growing member base -  Oscar Design
Simple, engaging, and friendly. The interface has reimagined how people discover and select health insurance.
Nowadays, millennials love sleek apps and pastels, Oscar has both. 


11 Examples of Brand Personality: Wendy's, Nike, Etro, ... - BMB
Wendy’s has a distinct, sassy, sarcastic vibe that appeals to the younger generation.
The brand frequently responds to followers’ postings with funny and ironic answers on Twitter.
Wendy's to further expand presence in Mexico


Grab uses local Malaysian slang like “lah” and “huat” to create a sense of belonging with users.
GrabHuaaaaaatever - GrabFood | Grab MY


Aēsop logo, website and packaging - Fonts In Use
Utilizing minimalist and sleek aesthetic design, the brand embodies the values of beauty, luxury, and design.
The brand shows a genuine interest in building a sustainable and environmentally-aware brand identity that connects with its consumers’ values.


Colin Kaepernick becomes the face of Nike's Just Do It campaign | Colin  Kaepernick | The Guardian
“Just Do It.” was short and simple, but it represented how people felt when they exercised. Don’t feel like running? Just go for it. The slogan conveys the desire to push oneself beyond our boundaries.


This picture shows how Airbnb uses emotional marketing to generate brand awareness and more signups.
Airbnb uses storytelling to provoke the desire of helping others. By using Airbnb, we can have a place to stay, but also get to meet new people and help people maintain apartments and lifestyles.

Monster Energy

Is it bad to drink a can of Monster energy drink a day? – REIZECLUB
With a strong and aggressive physique, Monster’s consumers could be people who are extreme and in search of challenges.


Misspelled Names on Starbucks Cups - Hilariously Misspelled Names from the  Inventors of the "Frappuccino" - Thrillist
Starbucks misspells customers’ names only to get them to upload their cups on social media with the instantly recognizable green logo and Starbucks. It’s actually a creative level of brand awareness.

Haidilao Hot Pot

Haidilao's Dancing Noodle Man Is Back - 8 Days
The brand’s use of live entertainment such as “dancing noodle man”. Customers are satisfied and would not mind paying for their good service. Its brand image has expanded globally because of the “Haidilao experience”.

Offering Manicures With Your Hot Pot, China's Haidilao Plans a Global Push  - The New York Times 

Ben & Jerry’s

Coronavirus forces late change of plan for Leeds agency's Ben and Jerry's  videos Prolific North
The brand’s persona is communicated through the use of various vibrant colors, playful but impactful.


How to Get The Chanel Look on a Budget
Classy and elegant looks. With the classic black and white theme, Chanel gives out a unique sense of high social status.
We begin again': Chanel returns with first major live shows of pandemic |  Chanel | The Guardian


Unilever's Dove Real Beauty Mark Will Identify Unretouched Images -  Quantstreams
The brand is cheerful and encouraging, and its language and tone convey optimism and honesty.
It sees the same beauty and femininity in all women and encourages women and girls to see it in themselves on the inside and out.


Diesel Jeans Advertising Campaigns - 45 prints
A brand that doesn’t stick up to any specific trends, Diesel has kept its branding vibrant all the time.


The Secrets Behind Disney's Branding Strategies
The fun music, lights, characters from the movies, and architecture change your emotions instantly.
Disney transmits happiness and creates a magical experience that you will never forget.
Photos - Holiday Merchandise Now Available at World of Disney at Disney  Springs -


Mercedes-Benz Silver Star Facebook Ads on Behance
“The best or nothing”, the Mercedes branding asserts a privileged lifestyle. Consumers feel they deserve the refined pleasures of life.
Mercedes Amg GT Motive, Colorsponge Carlos | Car advertising design,  Automobile advertising, Car advertising


Branding Strategy of Rolex | The Social Grabber
With luxurious and fashionable designs, Rolex creates a feeling of achievement and high status.


Apple's new initiative targets Android users to Switch to iPhone –  Campaigns of the World®
Apple focuses on simplicity, clean design, and most importantly, a desire to become part of a lifestyle movement. 


Marlboro Cigarettes – The Long Road to Success | Cinema western, Filmes  antigos de faroeste, Filme de faroeste
With a strong, mnemonic, old-fashioned font design, Malboro’s branding conveys an individual being a bold, adventurous free spirit.

Victoria’s Secret

victoria angel - Online Discount Shop for Electronics, Apparel, Toys,  Books, Games, Computers, Shoes, Jewelry, Watches, Baby Products, Sports &  Outdoors, Office Products, Bed & Bath, Furniture, Tools, Hardware,  Automotive Parts, Accessories
With its much-anticipated fashion shows, the brand has developed a brand identity that is powerful, bold, and empowering. All models’ desire of walking Victoria’s Secret runway has turned into a major selling factor for their everyday clothing.
Victoria's Secret store – Stock Editorial Photo © teamtime #125609492

Chupa Chups

Vibranding designs the guidelines for Chupa Chups packaging licensing -  World Brand Design Society
Bright colors, big logos, and extravagant packaging bring fun and happiness.

Good American

Good American Has the Best-Fitting, Size-Inclusive Jeans | Real Simple
They position themselves as a movement, not just a brand, by making women of all sizes feel welcome and included.


Google Open-Sources New Real-Time Hand Gesture-Tracking ML Pipeline
Interactive and simple, Google is an all-time lesson of identity, consistency, visibility, and recognition.


Mars Promotes Inclusivity With M&Ms Makeover | Food Manufacturing
Distinctive logo and characters with a lot of fun and colors. Anyone consuming M&M’s would imagine themselves to be young and turns up!
M&M's Just Announced A Big Change For Its Mascots


HEYTEA Opens Its First Store At ION Orchard - Singapore Foodie
HEYTEA pursues creative products and combines modern culture with Chinese traditional tea culture.
Their eye-catching packaging allows consumers to concurrently savor both layers of tea, which in turn maximizes the product’s taste experience.
怎样评价奈雪的茶? - 知乎


It is not just about the cosmetic, but also a work of art! The packaging designs are steeped in local tradition and are a hit among Generation Z and millennial consumers.


Lego New Sets Summer 2019 Clearance, 57% OFF |
Lego is known for its built-on imagination.
The brand opens up a world of fantasy, creativity, and play for children of all ages.


François Michelin, Head of Tire Company, Dies at 88 - The New York Times
Michelin Man, the mascot has gained attention worldwide for the tire company. Mascots are much more sophisticated because it personifies and gives the brand more affinity and emotional connection to consumers.


The brand’s visual identity has been designed for the digital generation and can be adapted for the future in any shape or form. This makes the brand more appealing to the younger generation.  


TVC Shopee 'Baby Shark' 30s - YouTube
Shopee changing the lyrics of the viral ‘Baby Shark’ song for its singles day sale, consumers hear it every day, it’s a creative way for brand awareness.


CASE STUDY: Always #LikeAGirl Campaign and Crafting Brand Narrative - Mythos
#LikeAGirl, the brand conveys a powerful message behind it that is clear and inspiring.
Girls are just as fit and capable as boys are —and this is extremely important to Always and its women’s products.


Lay's debuts new smile bags - OPUSfidelis
Lay’s released specially designed bags featuring infectious smiles, an emotional impact on customers who are looking for more joy in their life.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna's Gender-Inclusive Fenty Skin Campaign | HYPEBAE
Fenty Beauty is not just gender-neutral, but it also caters to all skin tones.
The branding is inclusive of all people, regardless of race or gender, which is why it’s currently in a league of its own.

Coca Cola

Case Study On Coca Cola 'Share A Coke' Campaign
Coca-Cola launched its “Share a Coke” campaign back in 2013, with people all over the world sharing photos of their personalized bottles on social media.

Blue Bottle Coffee

In a world where Instagram shots of your morning cup raise the awareness of a brand, the brand built its design aesthetic to be high-status but also inviting.


Inskt - Orange Fanta
Embodied by cartoon animation characters. Fanta conveys the idea of fun and amusement, a good drinking experience with your peers.


Awareness campaigns by WWF - English Superstars
WWF instils fear and showcases warn of the dangers that we can lose something if we don’t take measures.
7 Astonishing Print Ads by WWF. Look, be astonished, learn — print… | by  Eszter Brhlik | Better Marketing


ben 🅙 on Twitter: "Been working on this Red Bull advertisement for the  past 1 and half hours. FAVs and RTs are very much appreciated!!" / Twitter
The brand uses the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”, which is both stimulating and reviving. It drives us to succeed, and be dynamic risk-takers. Be daring and challenge yourself!


McDonald's new visual identity aims to make every brand interaction a  feel-good moment | Ad Age
You can’t help but feel happy when you see the sunshine yellow.
Bright and simple graphic design with their classic golden yellow and red color palette reflects the innate joy of McDonald’s branding.

Burger King

Burger King's savage ideas of mocking its competitor | Facebook Advertising  Agency | Facebook Marketing Company
Burger King uses humor and trolls, in a way to send off their rival McDonald’s.


How the Bearbrick Became Streetwear's Most Enduring Icon | GQ
Starting from a white canvas, Medicom Bearbrick can be a free platform with different art on it. This allows consumers to unleash their creativity.


Here's Why Family Mart Cameron Highlands Uses A B&W Signboard - Hype  Malaysia
In certain FamilyMart stores, they use a black and white signboard to show the modesty and appreciation towards mother nature, along with trying to avoid overshadowing the beauty of the surrounding greens. 

Golden Screen Cinemas, GSC

How "Hello. Cannot" Became GSC's Iconic Tagline - Hype Malaysia
GSC uses a catchy tagline – “HELLO, CANNOT.”
GSC humanize its brand with humor, and its merchandise has been hot selling.
How "Hello. Cannot" Became GSC's Iconic Tagline - Hype Malaysia


Explore New Milo Ads
NESTLE Milo uses strong branding elements such as athletes and sports in marketing, conveying the health benefits for growing active children.


UNIQLO The Apparel for Life | Labbrand
Known for its casual and comfortable apparel, the brand focuses on simplicity, essential yet universal.
This enables wearers to blend them with their individualistic style.


Jeep Car Compass Upgrade Your Adventures Ad in Times of India Mumbai -  Advert Gallery
Jeep’s identity has been indelibly associated with freedom, authenticity, adventure, and passion. 
The brand’s connected to a unique community, where users are bound to do something fun and exciting!


The brand uses different themes for every launch of new products.
This helps build excitement and showcases the brand’s latest product, building hype around it.


Q&A: Founder of Fresh, Lev Glazman on the brand's sustainability
The brand’s long-term efforts in advocating natural ingredients all across its website, social media platforms, and even packaging.
Q&A: Founder of Fresh, Lev Glazman on the brand's sustainability

Harley – Davidson

Harley-Davidson to return to Indian market, signs distribution pact with  Hero MotoCorp | The News Minute
Harley-Davidson motorcycles are designed to fulfil dreams and allow individuals to travel around the world. A sense of freedom, independence, and a magnificent riding experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


Dyson | Harvey Norman Malaysia
Stylish and tech-savvy physique, inspire consumers’ confidence in the product.


Heinz Ketchup shapes burgers, fries and hot dogs into its 'keystone' logo |  Ad Age
The brand’s visual messaging is clear, and more pared back with graphics to allow the rich use of color.
jones knowles ritchie heinz masterbrand graphic design itsnicethat6.jpg


Why We Love Durex's Creativity In Marketing? — AM Collective
Known for its witty and creative marketing, the brand makes people feel comfortable talking about sex.
reflects these new attitudes all over the world with hopes of normalizing sexual conversations.

These brands use creativity to lure and engage customers.

We hope they inspire you to do the same for your brand. Take some time to make a branding plan and execute it.

Although your brand is just one of many that can provide a product or service to individuals, your goal is to make a significant impact on potential clients about what you have to offer.

If you can make your brand distinctive and identifiable in the public’s consciousness, you’ll be on your way to success.

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