What if I told you that, it’s OK to have a bad copy, bad image, and wrong targeting options set in your Facebook ads?

You might hear it from many” Facebook gurus” out there that keep telling you –

You must target the right people.

You must make sure you set the right budget

You must write outstanding copy that attracts people

You must use good picture in your Facebook ads.


The truth is, you can do a lot of GOOD in all these, but still lose money.




Let me get this straight.

You can learn the best Facebook ads skill in this world and still be losing money.


It’s because you don’t have a proper business process in line.


These are the few key metrics of Facebook ads that “Facebook Gurus” boasting about:

  • Cost per click
  • Cost per impressions
  • Click Through Rate
  • Frequency
  • Conversion Rate
  • Clicks
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • blah blah blah…

Listen, if you’re a business owner, here’s only 5 metrics from Facebook ads that you need to know.

  • Spending per day
  • Clicks
  • Cost per click
  • Leads
  • Revenue per day

Dead simple, the rest are really irrelevant when you have a proper business process in place.


So, what’s a business process?

Before I dive into that, I want to show you some examples which are considered “Dead on arrival” when it comes to Facebook Ads, or ANY kind of Pay Per Click ad.

  1. Sending traffic straight into an eCommerce homepage
  2. Sending traffic to a page with no Call to Action
  3. Ad that leads to nowhere, people who viewed your ads are still stuck inside Facebook


Didn’t do any of that? Good, let’s get on to the business process I’m talking about.

First, understand what a sales funnel is:



Every business needs a sales funnel.

If you don’t, figure out yours first.

We can then integrate this sales funnel into your business process.


Instead of a traditional website, we create set of strategic landing pages that guide your visitor from one step to another.

Here’s an illustration to make you understand:


Now you’ll notice 3 essential items.

  1. The Squeeze Page.
  2. The Product Offer Page.
  3. The Upsell Page.


Let’s dig deeper.

The squeeze page is usually the 1st page you’d want to send your traffic into.

This is where you offer a free, or low-ticket items in exchange for your visitor’s email, name and phone number.

Turning them into a “lead”.


The Product Offer page is your core offer page. This is where you place the main product that you want to sell to your leads.

The Upsell Page is where the magic happens. Putting in a higher ticket product after your customer has bought the core offer from you.


If you’re lost now, meaning that you do not have the 3 important items above in place.

You’ll have to contact my team immediately to set you up with one, then continue the reading.


Out of all these pages, there’s also 3 important elements you need to include.

That’s “Hook, Story and Offer”.

Hook, Story, Offer-01

Treat that as the basic template of any landing pages you have or you’re going to do.

Hook your visitors with a catchy headline, or a video.

– Tell Story that connects with them, a story where they can relate to. Story sells.

– Put out your Offer, without an offer, you are basically wasting people’s time reading your story and not helping them in a practical way.


Now you have your sales funnel put up online, it’s time to get back to how your business process should looks like.


Biz Process-01-facebook-ads


If the above diagram confuses you, here’s the explanation in words.

  1. You are spending $100/day in Facebook ads, that’s your budget per day.
  2. You get 200 clicks from Facebook ad.
  3. So that makes the Cost Per Click $0.50. ($100 / 200 clicks = $0.50)
  4. Assuming 50% of the ‘clicks’ give you their email address, so converting them from visitor into a “lead”. So you’ve got 100 leads. (200 clicks x 50% = 100 leads)
  5. Now this is your Core Product Offer page. Assuming only 2% of the leads will buy your $300 product. 2% from your 100 leads is 2 people. 2 people buy 1 each, you make $600.

Up until this part, it’s pretty straight forward. It’s a pretty positive day as you’re spending only $100 and get back $600. Netting you $500.

There’s only 1 problem here.


To make sure you’re profitable until this point, you need to have a very good ad.

A compelling copywriting, a good image, the correct targeting etc.

But what if I told you that, there’s additional things to look at?

What if, from the 100 leads that you got, you build relationship with them.

They follow you; you nurture them and eventually, you’ve got a higher price offer that you can sell to these leads.

Then, your business process will look like this:


Biz Process-02-facebook-ads


The $800 offer converts at 1%, meaning 1 people from the 100 leads will buy.

That gives you $800 in this upsell.

Then, what if you have an even higher offer, say $2,000, what’d it looks like?


Biz Process-03-facebook-ads


The $2,000, let’s say it converts only at 0.5%, that would give you “half” a sale, so let’s put it $1,000 here.


Now look at the bigger picture.

You’re putting in $100, but you are getting $2,400 out. ($600+$800+1,000).

Comparing this to when you don’t have a full business process, you are only getting $600 out, and that is provided you must have a pretty decent ad running.


When you can get $2,400 back from a $100 spend, you can afford to spend more money to acquire a customer.

This is when you can afford to make mistakes in Facebook ads.

This is when Facebook ads is more forgiving when you create several ads that don’t work well.


Because now you know your numbers and you have a business process in place.



Noticed how Facebook ads only contribute to the first part of the story here?

Did you see, how much you can take out from this whole process, when you have more compelling offers, more high-ticket product that you can offer to your leads?

As long as you got what’s behind to back you up, you can afford to make mistakes.

You can afford to target the wrong people.

You can afford to spend wrongly, write mediocre copy, or even use a bad picture.

It’s because as long as you are spending less than what you’re getting at the end of the day, you’re winning.

If this whole post confuses you, it’s fine, you’re supposed to.

That’s a lot to take in.


If there one thing you can take away from this post.

It’s this – stop obsessing about making the perfect Facebook ad.

Or learning from Facebook gurus, or even demanding from your marketing agency to run the best, sure-winner Facebook ad.

It’s the business process that matters.


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