This is one of the most common questions that our e-commerce customer asked toady. When it comes to determine whether mobile web or mobile app is more suitable, your business goals come into play here.

For example, if you are developing an interactive game, a mobile app is presumably going to be your best choice. But, if you likely to offer a mobile friendly content just to target for widest audience, then mobile web probably will be your best choice. In some cases, you may be using both for your business. Most of the time, your mobile website should be already there before you start to build a mobile app.

Let’s take a deeper investigation of the differences between mobile web and mobile app, shall we?


The Ease of Development

A mobile web is substantially easier to use than a mobile app as far as it comes to the flexibility of updating content. You can just simple add, edit or remove content easily on your website and the changes are immediately visible.

While for mobile app, the ease of changes might depend on your app developer and the way your app is built. There are cases where updating the content of your app requires a push update to your users. This makes updating slow and troublesome for both you and your users.

The normal lifecycle of a mobile app is short, unless your app is showing something unique and useful for users. Else, you don’t know how long will the app will last on a user’s device. 77% of users uninstall an app after 72 hours of installing it, and never use them again. While mobile web can be constantly accessible for users again and again without any installation.

The Cost of Development

As we know, developing a mobile website is easier and less expensive as compared to mobile app. Mobile app takes significantly more time and cost to develop. As modern websites design now is mobile responsive, investing in a website design means you will get the mobile website as well.

When it comes to mobile app development, the cost of development can be a few times more than a website design. On top of that, developing for different platform (iOS and Android) will cost even more.

The initial investment you put into developing a mobile app is just part of the story. The true cost of maintaining the app might be more substantial over after a period of time. It is more costly and technical to maintain a mobile app than a mobile website.


The Ease of Accessibility

Mobile website can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone. It doesn’t require any download or installation, they can just open your mobile website with their mobile browser that is already available on their smartphone.

On the other hand, to be able to access your mobile app, first the user needs to download your app, then install it on their smartphone. If your mobile app is not available on Android or iOS store, then a separate link need to be provided to them for download. In this case, the installation of the app might trigger a warning on the user’s smartphone.

Besides, if you are only developing the app for one platform only, say iOS, then all the Android smartphone users won’t be able to access your mobile app.


Getting Started with Mobile Website or Mobile App

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Sanz Teoh

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