To start up or organize a business it will seem like a challenge, because it’s full of risks, uncertainty and promise to the market. There are a lot of opportunities or ideas out there that never get off the ground, conversely most of the company still stay at the same point during its start up.

Let’s look for some into some important must-have elements in start ups and small businesses you won’t ot to miss or done it in the wrong way.


To all start-ups and small business company, ff you don’t have a website for your company means you’re missing out an opportunities for customers to classify who you are and the chance of spend money with you.

Website has become one of the important elements for all the business because a website will add a much more professional edge to your business. A favourable position of having a website for your business is that it can go about as an online portfolio of your products or services.

As an online or offline business, sometimes it can be difficult to showcase your work. However, website gives you the chance to do just that, you can upload any pictures which related to your products or services and descript of it.

Throughout the way of having a unique and creative website design, it will attract more prospective new customer to visit your website and it provides them a better understanding of the products or services that you are providing. It will help you to increase your brand awareness and indirectly get a higher SEO.

Todays, most of the customer no matter is existing or prospective, they will do some research of the company’s profile before deciding to make a purchase. All they did just want to make sure the company is genuine and run in a legal way. Due to this circumstance, it is important to ensure the website layout and design of your company is in a professional looking as possible. Keep it looking smart, sleek and business like.

Digital profile

Today, social network has getting globalized that the impact of a business can reach across the world. Its open up a completely new and undiscovered customer pool that your business can target for.

As a start-up and small business company, it is no longer to overlook the powerful of social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, LinkedIn etc) as a way of communication, promotion and perhaps even drawn more revenue compare to an offline business.

Each of the social platform has not only has a unique audience of users, it also involves some of the characteristic when it comes to the usernames, imagery and usage. For example, the huge number of data is the key to improve your decision making and help to improve the way your business is running. Throughout the big data analytics, it shows you more details on how’s your business operating and improve your decision making on choosing the effective strategy.

On the other hand, social networking can be utilized as an advertising channel with creating a campaign. The types of campaign that you choose are truly depends on your advertising goals. For example, if you would like to show an ad of your products by getting more conversion rate on Facebook, you should pick up a Carousel ad instead of others.

Nowadays, many brands and businesses utilize social network as a content distribution and advertise platform. However, you need to maintain of publish a valuable content on each of the channels from the get-go. On the off chance that your content is drawing in and unique enough, it’s conceivable that others will share your posts and help to advertise your brand indirectly.

Unique Selling Point of the company

Marketing your business is always turn into a difficult task for most of the company, but setting up a unique selling point (USP) can be one of the key element to being successful. When the time to explore your USP, it’s vital to ask, what is the uniqueness of your products or services that other else don’t have? What is the main point to characterizes and recognizes your company form the rest?

No two businesses are exactly alike to each other, there are some USP for their products or services. As we known, business plans are not one-size-fits-all, you must keep trying out different way to achieve your goals.

To start-up your business plan, first you must clear of what kind of products or services your company is providing. It’s important to target an audience before you start off business plan. Throughout your target audience, you may get the idea of how makes you better or stronger than many competitors in the market.

Besides that, how you package and market your business may be one of the important element before you star-up your business. A company that branded itself in a more appealing and USP will always get the high change outsell its products or services to customer.

Looking out a USP of your company can be difficult but after having a strong USP it will give you stronger view on what’s your company stand for, which target audience are you looking for and what’s the way to reach those prospective customers. It will help you to get a higher conversion rate and boost your brand awareness as well.


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Deanna Tham

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