Small action, big result.

Managing a business is not an easy stuff. Here’s 10 easy daily routine tasks that you can do to improve your online business.


1. Post new content

Make sure your website is always up to date. Both search engines and visitors love updated websites. If it is been a while since your last update, post something new today!

To keep your website fresh and updated, you can simply write 1-2 new sentence or make a simple blog post. A small change will do, just don’t leave your website to collect dust.


2. Be sociable

Involve in social networks! Publish a new post or tweet daily. Greet your fans, share some news, tips, publish new product updates and so on. Keep your profile and page on track, don’t let it “die off”.


3. Engage in discussion and forums

Participate in discussion boards or forums that are related to your business. Build a solid and reputable user profile there and carry your business signature with you. If you only make a single post each day, you will have 365 posts in that particular forum after a year. Remember, all of those posts will carry your business signature, so it acts as a free advertisement!


4. Resubmit Sitemap

As we just mentioned about updating your website daily with new content, that means you may have new pages and links in your website. So, keep in mind that you should resubmit your website sitemap.xml to Google to inform them you have updated your website. There’s no harm in submitting sitemap everyday!


5. Blog Commenting

This is still one of the most popular SEO activities. Drop a few comments on high traffic or high PageRank blogs with anchor link or backlinks point to your business website. Make sure you post appropriate, related and useful comments and not spammy comments which will never get approve or get hammered by Google.


6. Check for broken links

Broken links are bad for your website health. Check your website daily and see if there’s any broken links. Make redirection for them or make sure you get rid of them real good and don’t let search engine label them as broken links. Too many broken links will bring your SEO score down.


7. Follow up pending enquiry and orders

If you dint receive any reply from previous emails and phone calls from your customers then you should do a follow up! Check your previous enquiry lists and do follow up daily. We suggest you to do a 3 days, 1 week and a monthly follow up to see whether your leads are still interested in your products and services. Sometimes they are just too busy with other stuffs and forget about you, so you just need to follow up with them as a gentle reminder and show them that you are still interested to do business with them.


8. Advertise

Advertise your business to gain sales through various advertising platforms. You can advertise on Facebook, Google, or through mass mailing (well don’t spam though). You can spend just a little bit on ads and see how it goes. If it brings you good result, consider to spend more to yield even more sales. Advertising should be done daily too to gain maximum exposure.


9. Product Reviews

Check the feedback and reviews that your customers gave to you about your products and services in the past and then improve. Humans always learn from mistake, if you’ve got a negative feedback from a good customer, you must have done something wrong in your service or your product may have some flaws. Correct them to ensure that everything stays in good condition.


10. Learn something new

You should learn at least 1 new thing everyday. When you learn something new, you can apply it on your business, which can be beneficial to you individually as well as to your business.

Never stop learning and improving!


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Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh is the founder and CEO of Jumix. With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, he has helped countless of businesses on their branding, digital marketing and web designing needs.