Making your website feature on Google 1st Page! Reach billions of internet users with Google Ads!

So you have got a website, but no idea how to make it appear on Google?

With Google Adwords advertising, you can reach billions of people when they are searching for keywords of your products and services.  You only pay when people click on your ad and with the right targeting channels set, conversion can be really high!

Top 6 Benefits of Using Google AdWords


Higher conversion rate as you can set very specific target audience with accurate interest

Publish your ads almost instantaneously due to fast processing by Google team

Pay as you use, you will only get charged when people click on your ad, if there’s no click, you get free branding impressions!

Detail report every month, cost per click, conversion rate, total impressions etc.

Set your own targeting channel, make your ad appear on specific website and specific audience by demographic, location, device, time etc.

Remarketing ad makes your ad follow your potential clients and appear multiple times on different website to increase conversion



We have more than 5 years of experience in managing AdWords campaigns for our clients. 

We’ll give you full access to your account so you can login and check everything by yourself anytime, anywhere! 

Spend lower budget for higher return of investment with our precise targeting skills. 

Achieve your objectives in driving traffic, increase conversion or prompt for an action.


FREE RM150 Advertising Credit

Get RM150 free Google AdWords credit when you sign-up a monthly management service with us.

Pay less for more!

Targeting Strategies


We will determine which keywords are your potential clients searching on Google, and target those audience that search for these related keywords and link back to your website.

Scope down your target market! If you only sell in a certain state in Malaysia, we will help you save your cost by targeting people who live in that particular state only.

Mobile devices are getting more popular these days. We can help your ads to appear on mobile devices to achieve higher impressions and conversion rate.

Do you know the profile of your customers? Their Age, Gender, Education, Interest and so? We can help to target people from certain age group, or specific gender, interest and more!


Types of Campaigns


Google Search Campaign

Your ads will display when people perform a search on Google search engine.

For example, if you are selling Adidas shoes, your ads will appear when people search for “buy Adidas shoes”.

Search campaign is the best way to get sales quickly and suitable for both online and offline business.

Google Display Campaign

Want the maximum exposure? Running a branding campaign?

Google Display Network has the widest coverage, this will make sure your ad banners show up in relevant websites or high traffic websites for all your exposure needs!

Display Network includes YouTube, news site such as The Star, MalaysiaKini, and many more.

Remarketing Campaign


Not everyone is ready to make a purchase decision the first time they see your ad and landed on your website.

They may need to take some time to consider, this is where Remarketing comes to help.

Visitors who have previously visited your website will see your ads again in other websites which are in Google Display Network, hence increasing the chance of converting them into your customers!


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