The search engine optimization (SEO) landscape has changed rapidly over the last few years.  With the advent of Google search, it was easy for websites to trick the system and get high ranking without providing value to users. Today such maneuvers come with penalties, which can devastate your business venture. While most SEO strategies focused on links, the place of web design in SEO is now more prominent than ever.

If your website is not appearing at the top of search engine result pages, (SERPs) it is time to talk to your SEO expert about the design.  The credibility of your website comes from not only the content but also the design with 75% of users indicating this determines their choice of a website. If you are launching an SEO campaign, here are some web design ideas to remember:

Captivate and retain Attention

Internet users’ attention spans are short and you have to work harder to retain them on your site. This is where you have to leverage graphics, illustrations, video, info graphics, pools and quizzes. The idea is to keep users glued to the pages leading to better conversion. Interactive videos are the best solution to high bounce rates according to an e-Marketer Study and you need to invest in such content to stay ahead of the pack.

Content is King

Despite how great your website looks remember the user is visiting for some information. Whether your objective is high conversion or visibility, you must have fresh content to keep visitors on your site. You need to anticipate what they want, provide the same and offer value on your pages.  The content must be easy to read with headings and keywords to link to other pages.

Keep it Simple

If you are selling HVAC equipment just go on, do it, and avoid trying to do everything on your website. It is l good to provide weather updates on your website, but who is coming to your site for such info? Keep it simple and make sure all your posts relate to the core business.  Make sure the user experience is the focus of all your SEO campaigns. In essence, the site map needs to be straightforward for users to enjoy the experience.

Talk to your SEO consultant when it comes to your web design to guarantee credibility and a great user experience.


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Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh is the founder and CEO of Jumix. With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, he has helped countless of businesses on their branding, digital marketing and web designing needs.