In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of Malaysia, it is crucial for businesses to adopt modern web design practices that captivate users and provide an exceptional user experience. 
In this article, we will explore 7 must-have features for modern web design in Malaysia in 2023. 

1. Use Live Chat feature like WhatsApp and Meta Messenger

People in Malaysia don’t have a lot of patience. When they seek for answers, they want it fast. This is why having live chat features, such as WhatsApp and Meta Messenger, has become increasingly important in modern web design. Live chat offers immediate and personalized communication between you and your website visitors. This feature allows them to ask questions, seek assistance, and receive real-time support, enhancing their overall experience on the website.

Importance of Live Chat for Web Design
Live chat provides a convenient and efficient way for you to engage with your customers. By offering a direct line of communication, you can address queries promptly, resolve issues, and build trust with your audience. The availability of live chat also showcases a commitment to customer service, which can positively impact a user’s perception of your brand.

Benefits of Live Chat for User Engagement
Live chat features go beyond traditional contact forms or email communication. They offer a more interactive and conversational experience for users, fostering engagement and encouraging them to stay longer on the website. 
If you use a more advanced live chat plugins, you can even personalized recommendations, give automated support response, or even interact with your visitors via voice and video. All of these would ultimately increase your user satisfaction and conversion rates.

2. Use On-scroll Animation

On-scroll animation is a visually appealing technique that brings websites to life as users scroll through the content. It involves the gradual appearance, movement, or transformation of elements on the page, creating a dynamic and interactive experience.
On-scroll animations add depth and interactivity to web pages, making the browsing experience more engaging and memorable. We all hate that static and stale looking websites, don’t we?
By strategically animating your website’s key elements, such as images, text, or icons, you can guide users’ attention, highlight important information, and provide visual cues that improve comprehension of your content and navigation.
On-scroll animations not only enhance user experience but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of a website. These animations can create a sense of elegance and professionalism. 

3. Use Interactive Elements and Animations

Cars that move when you mouseover. Cockroaches that die when you click on them. Ever see these anywhere? Interactive elements and animations are powerful tools for engaging users and leaving a lasting impression. They encourage active participation, heighten user interactivity, and create memorable experiences that differentiate a website from its competitors.

Increasing User Interaction with Interactive Elements
You might heard before the term ‘bounce rate’. It is used to describe when a visitor lands on your webpage, does nothing and quit the page, it counts as a bounce. By having a high bounce rate, it simply means your website is boring and not encouraging people to do anything.
Interactive elements, such as quizzes, polls, or sliders, allow users to actively engage with your website’s content. When you use interactive elements strategically, you can increase user participation and decrease bounce rate.

Captivating Users with Engaging Animations
Engaging animations, when used tastefully, can captivate users and communicate information in a visually compelling manner. Of course, the other end of the spectrum is that you used too much and it’s super distracting to your visitors.
Animations can be used to showcase product features, demonstrate processes, or simply add a touch of delight to the user experience. If you do it correctly, animations add personality and charm to the website, fostering a positive emotional connection with your audience.

4. Responsive Design, aka Mobile-Friendly

In the era of mobile dominance, responsive design is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. With the majority of internet users accessing websites through mobile devices, it’s essential for web designs to be responsive and adapt to different screen sizes. A responsive website ensures that the content and layout remain consistent and user-friendly across devices. This feature has become increasingly crucial for businesses in Malaysia, as mobile usage continues to rise.

Importance of Responsive Design
Responsive design offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it enhances user experience by providing seamless navigation and readability on any device. Users can easily access information, make purchases, or interact with the website without any hindrances. Secondly, responsive design positively impacts search engine rankings. Google prioritize mobile-friendly websites, making responsive design a crucial factor for SEO success.

Mobile-First Approach
In 2023, a mobile-first approach is paramount for web design in Malaysia. This strategy involves designing websites primarily for mobile devices, ensuring they are optimized for smaller screens. By prioritizing mobile users, your business can deliver a superior experience and maximize reach. Moreover, a mobile-first approach aligns with the preferences and behaviors of the Malaysian audience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

5. Intuitive Navigation

Efficient and intuitive navigation is the backbone of a successful website. 
Visitors should be able to find the information they need effortlessly, without feeling overwhelmed or confused. Implementing clear and consistent navigation ensures a smooth user journey and encourages exploration of the website’s content.

Clear and Consistent Navigation
Websites in Malaysia should adopt clear navigation menus that guide users through different sections and pages. The menu should be prominently placed and easy to identify. 
It should always be on the top left, top centre or top right.
Consistency in navigation ensures that users can rely on familiar patterns and quickly understand how to navigate the site.

User-Friendly Menu
In addition to clear navigation, your web designer should focus on creating a user-friendly menu structure. This includes organizing all your content logically, using descriptive labels, and provide helpful tooltips or drop-down menus for complex or extensive websites. 
An intuitive menu design reduces friction, simplifies the user experience, and helps visitors find the information they seek quickly.

6. Aesthetic and Visuals

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a video speaks even more.
People are always attracted to visuals first, and text later.
This is why visual appeal plays a crucial role in capturing and retaining visitors’ attention. 
With the increasing emphasis on aesthetics in web design, businesses in Malaysia must prioritize high-quality visuals and an appealing color palette.

High-Quality Images and Videos
These days, you can’t just simply throwing in some images you saved from Google or find from YouTube. You need to invest in good quality of videos and images, or at least, royalty free stock images.
Including high-quality images and videos on websites creates an instant visual impact. It helps showcase products or services effectively, enhancing the overall user experience. In 2023, businesses like yours should invest in professional photography and videography to stand out from competitors and leave a lasting impression on your intended target audience.

Appealing Color Palette
Colors evoke emotions and have a significant impact on website visitors. Choosing an appealing color palette that aligns with your brand identity can enhance the overall aesthetics and user experience. Web designers should consider the cultural preferences and perceptions of colors in Malaysia while selecting a color scheme that resonates with website visitors.

7. Fast Loading Speed

Let me repeat this again, people in Malaysia has limited patience. 
No one likes to wait for a website to load. A website’s slow loading speeds can lead to high bounce rates and negatively impact user experience. Web designers in Malaysia must prioritize optimizing website performance to deliver a fast and seamless browsing experience.
If your website is text focused, keep the loading speed below 5 seconds.
If it’s videos and images heavy, keep it below 12 seconds.

Optimize Image Sizes
Large image sizes can significantly slow down a website’s loading speed. By compressing and optimizing images without compromising quality, you can strike a balance between visual appeal and performance. Utilizing modern image formats (like webp) and lazy loading techniques can further enhance loading speeds.

Minimize HTTP Requests
Excessive HTTP requests can also hamper website speed. Minimize the number of external scripts, stylesheets, and fonts to reduce the number of requests. Combining and minifying CSS and JavaScript files can further optimize loading times.


In conclusion, modern web design in Malaysia in 2023 requires a comprehensive approach that incorporates the use of live chat features, on-scroll animation, interactive elements and animations, responsive design, intuitive navigation, visual appeal and fast loading speed. 
By implementing these must-have features, you can definitely elevate your business’ online presence, improve users’ engagement, and stay ahead of the competition.


What are some suggested live chat plugins that can benefit my website in Malaysia? 
You can use ManyChat, Crisp, Freshchat, Zoho Chat. All of these provide free plans and if you need more functiaonlities, you can opt for the paid plans. 

What is the significance of on-scroll animation in web design? 
On-scroll animation adds interactivity and visual interest, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Why is responsive design important for websites in Malaysia? 
As you may notice this yourself, people are browsing websites using mobile more often than a desktop these days. Having a responsive design ensures optimal user experience across devices, improves search engine rankings, and caters to the mobile-centric audience.

How can intuitive navigation enhance user experience? 
Knowing how to use and where to go next, intuitive navigation simplifies user journeys, reduces confusion, and helps visitors find information quickly and easily.

What role does visual appeal play in web design? 
It’s the #1 most important role in web design. Visual appeal captures attention, creates a positive impression, and enhances the overall user experience. I believe text always come second.

Where can I engage with a web designer in Malaysia that can do all these?
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