You know that the Internet is growing like nobody’s business and the increment of Internet users are never ending. If you are serious in doing online marketing for your business in 2014, these are the 5 techniques that you should use.


1. Multi-channel Advantage

In the past years we all learn that mobile devices are becoming more and more dominant among end users. We have come to a stage that no business should ignore the benefits they can get from mobile marketing.

If you want to reach more customers, you need to reach them on their mobile as well. Make your website mobile compatible or develop a mobile app in order to dive into this pool of users.


2. Content Marketing is Still The KING

Content, content, content. Content is still the most essential element in marketing until today. Building content should be your primary objective when you want to develop and enhance your website. The more quality content you have, the more reputation you gain in the eyes of Google as well as visitors.

Your content is the message to your readers and visitors. The quality of your content writing also represent how credible you are. Do not rush on generating rubbish content, instead, take your time and build real and high quality content!


3. Maximize The Visuals

I’ve stressed many times that visuals are the first impression you give to your visitors. In 2014 of HTML5 era, weak and badly designed websites will continue to fall while modern and professionally designed websites will leave a strong impression. Do not let your web design tarnish your reputation.

Your web design should convey the message of your business’ objectives and vision, as well as demonstrating your business profile. People often judge by appearance, so a bad design would relate to an untrusted business and a great design would relate to an established and reputable business.


4. Paid Advertising for The Win

In 2014, Google has updated one of their most profitable product, that’s Google AdWords. By adding an “Ad” word beside the advertisement seems like a bad idea, but nevertheless it attracts the eyes of the user psychologically.


Organic ranking is still important, but there’s simply too much uncertainties in Google updates that will leave you at total confusion and disappointment. Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates that toy your SEO around, your organic ranking may goes from 30 to 1 in an update, but also may drop from 1 to 30.

Paying Google and using their Google AdWords service is the most direct and easiest way to make sure your website appears when people search keywords related about your products and services.


5. Animations and Videos

No doubt that people like to watch videos and animations, especially in their free time. Animations and videos continue to play a huge role in online marketing 2014. You may include a short 60 seconds video to introduce about your business and offering in home page, and post it on all your social media channels.

When it comes to videos, people like it short, simple and straight to the point. Include characters that will attract the eyes. Use the element of funny, cute, fear or special in your thumbnail and if you are going to speak out your content, make it crystal clear and in a professional tone.

If you do not have the resource to make your own video, you can always consider to outsource it to a company like DoVideoNow which cost only $37 per video.


If you have more techniques and information to share on Online Marketing in 2014, let us know in the comments below.

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Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh is the founder and chief writer of Jumix. With more than 9 years of experience in digital marketing, he has helped countless of businesses on their digital marketing campaigns and web designing needs.