If you are running an online business, you probably want to facilitate your payment system to make sure it is easier and faster for your customers to pay you.

However, most of the “online stores” today aren’t using a proper ecommerce system, hence they are not able to create an automatic payment processing method to receive payment directly, and still using the old school method of manual bank transfer.

Today, we are going to share some ideas and methods on how to accept online payment straight from your website now.


1. PayPal


PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways in the world. You can almost accept any currency with PayPal no matter where you are.

PayPal is also very commonly used among charity and non profit organizations where they put a “Donate” button in their website, which the payments are then processed by PayPal.

Moreover, PayPal is free to use and you can set it up on your website easily as they also provide the API. The transaction fee is somehow more expensive as compared to other alternatives but if you are only dealing with a few transactions in a month, it shouldn’t set you back too far.

To start receiving online payments using PayPal, just register a business account and then place the “Buy” button on your website!


2. Skrill


Very similar to PayPal, Skrill offers the service of transferring money and accepting payments online. Skrill has lower transaction fee however they do charge for gateway processing. The gateway processing is free if you are referred by a partner.

With Skrill, you can now accept online payments of Credit Cards from all over the world.


3. Local Payment Gateway


If you are running a ecommerce business in Malaysia, you would want the best and easiest way for your Malaysian customers to pay. Not everyone has access to a credit card especially people who are under 21.

So, this is where our local payment gateway providers come in. By using a local payment gateway, you can accept online payments from internet banking such as Maybank2u, CIMBClicks, RHBNow, Hong Leong Connect, Bank Rakyat, PBEBank, AmBank Online, Alliance Online and many more.

This opens up a lot of payment opportunities that most of the Malaysians have access to.

These payment gateways normally offer in two types of plans. One has higher transaction fee but lower start-up cost, another has lower transaction fee but higher start-up cost.

Depend on your business nature of transactions, you can choose the plan which is more suitable for your business.

The best thing is, there is no settlement charge or minimum settlement amount like PayPal, which requires you to have at least RM400 before you can withdraw. Else, they will charge you RM3 per withdrawal.


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Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh

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