Your website is beautifully designed, thoughtfully laid out, easy to use, and loaded with engaging content and captivating images. To you, it’s perfect; however, Google may not see it that way.

Why? – Because you haven’t optimized your site. In order for Google to notice your site, it needs full optimization that meets the guidelines that Google has in place. If a site is not optimized it will simply be lost in the sea of other webpages.

Every business owner knows that in order to be successful, their website needs to have a high ranking on Google. As the top search engine, consumers rely on Google to find whatever it is they’re looking for from shoes to day care providers and everything in between.

Sites that have a high ranking on Google are more likely to be clicked on by web users. Why? – There’s actually two reasons:

  1. A high search engine ranking shows credibility. If a site is at the top of the page, it must mean it’s reliable. At least this is how consumers see it.
  2. Web users want instant gratification. They don’t want to scroll through an endless amount of websites in order to find what they are looking for. Instead, they click on the first sites that Google returns to them.

With that said, many business owners want to know how to get their web page to the top of Google’s search engine results. Here are some tips that will help you dominate Google’s first page.


Take Advantage of SEO

You simply MUST take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO). If your site isn’t optimized, it doesn’t matter how incredible it is, Google is never going to find it. If Google does not find it, your potential consumers won’t either.

SEO refers to the process of ensuring your website can be found on Google using specific words or phrases that are relevant to what your site offers. In the simplest of terms, SEO is Google’s way of offering quality control for websites.

Google has specific guidelines related to SEO. Employing these guidelines will increase your ranking. This will make your site more visible. Finding the most effective keywords and using them properly throughout your site is one of the most important aspects of SEO.  There are many strategies involved in doing this as well. Hiring a reputable SEO agency can ensure that your site will land at the top pages of Google.


Use Google AdWords

AdWords is a paid advertising product that is offered by Google. If you’ve ever seen ads pop up on your screen when you’re searching the internet you’ve seen AdWords at work.

AdWords are simply paid advertisements. Companies pay for these ads so that potential consumers will see them while searching on Google. These ads only have to be paid when someone clicks on the Ad, which makes them really cost-effective. They’re also super easy to launch, and they can dramatically increase traffic to your website. More traffic = more relevance = a higher ranking on Google.


Make Content Engaging

You must make your content engaging. The more captivating and  authoritative it is, the more valuable users are going to find it. When Google finds your content useful, your ranking will jump up. You will gain quality traffic to your site simply by making your content engaging and unique.


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Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh

Sanz Teoh is the founder and CEO of Jumix. With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, he has helped countless of businesses on their branding, digital marketing and web designing needs.